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Why Can Our Mink Eyelashes Be Reused Many Times?

Why Can Our Mink Eyelashes Be Reused Many Times?

IPSA lashes is a professional Lash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging. Our raw materials are imported from Siberia. Each pair of eyelashes is carefully made by our professional staff. Our thoughtful service has accumulated many customers for us.

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Our style is also diverse, can meet the different needs of all customers, you can choose different eyelash length according to your customer group. We have 16 mm mink lashes ,20 mm mink lashes ,22 mm mink lashes and 25 mm mink lashes.

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Our eyelash stem is very soft, all made of cotton, so it won’t hurt your skin. We use real mink hair, so we can reuse it 15-20 times. When cleaning, simply clean with water and make-up remover and dry them

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