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The Latest 7D Mink Eyelashes

The Latest 7D Mink Eyelashes

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IPSA Lashes is a famous Eyelash Vendors and Custom Lash Packaging Eyelash Packaging Box in China. We specialize in 16 mm mink eyelashes, 20 mm mink eyelashes, 22 mm mink eyelashes, 25 mm mink eyelashes. These styles are popular in America, Britain, South Africa and middle eastern countries.

We have a professional team of designers to design more than 100 styles of eyelashes.

Our eyelashes are mainly divided into three categories. First, Natural Eyelashes, second, Volume Lashes, and third, Whispy Lashes

After our company’s R&D team developed 3D and 5D eyelashes, according to our customer feedback and market research, we developed 7D mink eyelashes, which are more three-dimensional than 5D. We are now expanding to the market. And is loved by many customers. A 7D mink has 20mm lashes.

We still use the Siberian mink eyelashes, handmade traditional production process, in terms of setting, we use the high temperature setting. Some Lash Vendors chemical shaping method, which is easy to have chemical residue on eyelashes.


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