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IPSA Lashes Best Selling Box Styles

IPSA Lashes Best Selling Box Styles

DIY Eyelash Packaging

IPSA lashes is a professional customized Eyelash Packaging. We have our own factory, professional technical personnel, professional production line. Can make all kinds of boxes.

Eyelash Packaging Box

At the same time, we have a professional team of designers about Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. We are a creative team that has been committed to developing the latest products and leading the trend. Many of the most popular boxes in the market are made by our company.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

At present, the most popular box on the market is the acrylic butterfly box. Printing the butterfly pattern on the transparent box makes the original monotonous acrylic box very beautiful. It also makes butterflies more lifelike. Popular with many women.

Custom  Acrylic Box Lash Packaging 

Recently, Custom Eyelash Boxes about acrylic box is very popular. Our acrylic box has beautiful base card paper in it. There are many colors for you to choose, and there are many colors with flash function. And these beautiful base card paper are free.

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box


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